Completing our international line-up is LEVENT. Comedian, manipulator, author, historian, lecturer and teacher, there is almost nothing this remarkable man can't do. His stage act combines hilarious comedy with masterful manipulation. Not only did he research and pen Roy Benson by Starlight, he also has the standard works on Miser's Dream and Billiard Ball Manipulation. Levent can be seen working on the major cruise lines such as Princess and Disney. He is regular at the Magic Castle and was one of the highlights at the recent MAGIC live where he revealed his extensive research into 3D printing for magic. 


Paul Richards has brought his highly commercial magic to corporate audiences the length and breadth of the USA. Best known to magicians as a dealer, he was the original owner of Elmwood magic, one of the most successful magic shops in the USA, both physically and on line. Paul sold the business to focus on entertainment and bringing his own, highly commercial range of magic direct to magicians around the world. Paul is a creative thinker and producer, a fun and entertaining performer and a really nice guy to boot. We are delighted he is coming to Australia


David Kaye, AKA Silly Billy is New York's top kid's magician and his contribution to family entertainment is huge. From his best selling books and inventions to his long running column in Genii Magazine and from his studies into the history of kid's magic to his many convention appearances around the globe, and from his performance at the White House to his appearances on such well known TV shows as Letterman, David has made his mark. Not only that, he's a super nice guy who is incredibly generous with his talent and knowledge. We are delighted that he has agreed to join us!


Once in a while, a new talent arrives in magic who breaks the mould. Joseph Barry emerged several years ago through a set of DVDs, whose release was as understated as his style. "Inscrutable" showed us a young Englishman with an engaging personality and a style so laid back as to suggest a complete absence of method. Since that release, Joe has gone on to be a regular contributor at Juan Tamariz's Jornadas Cartomagicas del Escorial. He has lectured at all of the major magic conventions in the UK including Blackpool, the International Day and The Session. Joe's was the name on everyone's lips at MAGIC Live in 2015 and he has recently toured Japan with sold out workshops and lectures. Joe will discuss some of his published and unpublished material and the techniques he uses to create his unique style and approach to card magic. Rest assured, you will be fooled and fooled badly. 


Nick Kay is the first of our Aussie guests. Well known to Melbourne magicians, Nick is one of the most exciting magic performers in the country. He combines a laid back Aussie charm with a sharp wit and remarkable sleight of hand skills. Nick has sold out shows at the Melbourne Magic Festival and his overseas jaunts include shows in NYC and Qatar. Not only will Nick be blowing your socks off in the close-up shows, he will be premiering his new lecture. You are in for a real treat. To find out more about Nick, you can head over to

Levent, Joseph Barry, Silly Billy, Paul Richards, Nick Kay, Joel Howlett, Brendan Montanner, and more names to come! 

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